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Science = Kool!

4 out of 5 nerds agree: Science Roolz!
It has been proven time and again, violence is only a result of carfully planned science implemented to explode heads, rupture veins or break limbs.
If you want to get somewhere you need to know all the basic principles: wind direction, gravity pull, force, resistance, forward motion, side motion, centrifugal force, planetary attraction... Those get you where you want to go!
They are the WAVE of the future!

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And as common nerds & similar plebians, science is now made available to us, through the philanthropist actions of such fine speci-men of the scientific community!

Mark Twain & Nikola Tesla will save the world from the evil plotting of demonic fiends Thomas Edison and his garish troupe of henchmen. They mean to plunge humanity into the very abyss! Dark age & bad breath!

Through happy hitorical (AND scientific!) coincidence, all players are in the field, and the stage is set for an ominous confrontation between the scientasmagoric forces of good & the horrific shenanigans of evil!
You'll laugh, you'll gasp, you'll cry in horror!
A fine example of how to bend history to your own fiction, without REALLY tampering with the message.

One of the finest examples of historical fiction I have read in comics. Funny, serious, with mild yet engaging parody that does not take over the story, and characters that, through or despite (you decide) little quircks and added personality traits really come alive, to rise above the faded fact-file history has often reduced these pioneers of science & progress to.

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A little different, and more a post-scriptum: The WILDSTORM Universe is finally back!
With the end of the largely ignored series: Captain Atom: Armageddon, a lot of what has come before (as far as I can tell) has been rebooted.

I've always like the Universe a great deal, starting with James Robinson & Alan Moore's changes, increasing through Warren Ellis' redirection and personalising of the 'verse. Yet, its fandom seemed more and more diminished.

Seeing as a lot of the WSU was being ignored anyway (Stormwatch Team Achilles & Wildcats 3.0 cancelled before the end of even a story-arc) it may all be for the better.
The list of creators is (to say the LEAST) impressive:

Grant Morrison does 2 titles (WildCats & Authority) the former with Jim Lee, the latter with Gene Ha.
Lots has been said about how these run will be, and though (to much derision of my entourage) I am no fan of Morrison's in general, there is potential, slumbering like a troll under a bridge here.

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Brian Azzarello takes on Deathblow with artistic giant Doug Mahnke.
This will undoubtedly offer ghosts of Batman Deathblow: After the fire

The others (whom I mention together because I really don't know what to expect or even compare it to and anyway, it's a little soon for all that, I'm having a really hard time even finding images of these titles... Blasted Civil War/Infinte Crisis steam-roller):

Gail Simone & Talent Caldwell on Gen 13. One hope this will contain the sorely missed humor & wit from Gail's Deadpool/Agent X days.
Christos Gage (who did a Deadshot mini for DC) with ??? I think I've forgotten this one...
Chris Sprouse & Garth Ennis will tackle the gay-with-a-serious-attitude-of-blasting-your-sorry-straight-ass-to-hell Midnighter. Dunno. I want to have faith in Ennis delivering more on this title than his regular auto-pilot fare on things like the Kev books.
And finally Wetworks by Mike Carey & Whilce Portacio: a title that is, I believe, about 2 years late, as it was supposed to first come out around the time all remaining Wildstorm titles were butchered.

I seriously hope these books will have me ranting about amazing creators, innovative story-lines & must-reads very soon! All of them get at least 6 issues to prove themselves.
I do not expect to be proven wrong.

Be seeing you

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